[PROOF] My Grandma Now Earns 1,020x More

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It's No Secret That Bank Yields Are Downright Pathetic


My grandmother now earns 1,020x more in interest than she was making in her bank account.

And the interest rate she's getting is actually in the lower end of what's available.

In this presentation, I show you how.

It's No Secret That Bank
Yields Are Downright Pathetic

The average money market account in the U.S. pays just 0.075% interest to depositors.

That means for every $1,000 saved, you make only 75 cents! After a whole year!

And in the U.K., my 88-year-old Grandma was making even less.

When my father told me her bank was paying her just 0.01% interest, I nearly spit my coffee out.

She worked hard her whole life, showed us so much love and care when I was growing up, and all she wanted to do was enjoy her retirement in comfort.

But that wasn't going to happen as long as she got virtually zero yield on her savings.

So, I did the only thing I could in this situation: I helped her move a portion of her pension savings into what we call a "Turbo-yield account."

It's a special type of account that uses decentralized finance (DeFi) to pay out far higher yields to depositors.

Grandma Jean started earning 8.9% annual percentage yield (APY) right away. And, last I checked, the yield had gone up to 10.02%.

That's 1,020 times what she was getting from the bank. With no lock-up periods or minimum deposit requirements.

A yield this much higher could be enough to completely change how people plan for, and imagine, their retirement.

With the U.S. experiencing the highest inflation in nearly 40 years, the need for decent yields could not be more urgent.

That's why my friends here at Weiss Ratings have been spreading the word about these high-yield opportunities for months.

But we heard back from quite a few readers that getting started with DeFi can be confusing.

So, Dr. Martin Weiss invited me to host a special DeFi MasterClass that shows you step-by-step how it all works, in plain English.

Click here to watch the DeFi MasterClass now.

In this one-hour event, I show exactly how I helped my Grandma Jean earn 1,020x higher yields on her cash savings.

And I reveal how anyone watching can get started earning these turbo yields, too.

We also cover:

  • Other turbo-yield examples paying even more to depositors.

  • A demonstration of what we call "turbo-yield-and-profit accounts." These give you a chance to beat the world's #1 performing hedge fund by 26 percentage points.

  • How some little-known DeFi coins have soared as much as 65,586% in less than a year.

Whether you want to pursue these opportunities ...

Or you just want to finally earn a decent return on your deposits ...

There's something for everyone with DeFi.

If you're tired of earning practically nothing on your hard-earned cash, be sure to join me for my DeFi MasterClass before we take it offline.

Bye for now,



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