Another conspiracy theory coming true in February??! | 18 April

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April 19, 2022

The Tech Boom

Here's an important message from one of our partners:

Dear Reader,

For years, the mainstream media has called the 'digital dollar' a crazy conspiracy.

The USAToday even sent fact checkers after the idea, shooting down any conversation before it caught on.

Fact check: A cashless society isn't imminent and wouldn't mean total end of cash

But I've found a pile of evidence that proves — not only is a digital dollar imminent…

The Federal Reserve recently admitted it's looking into the idea right now — and could be set to roll out a Digital Dollar by May 20th of this year!

Fed opens debate over a U.S. central bank digital currency with long-awaited report.

What does the rollout of the new Digital Dollar mean for you and your money?

I've agreed to record an interview to lay it all out.

I think you'll be shocked by my conclusions… but I don't want anyone to be blindsided by this historic shift.

Go here right now to see all the details of this new Digital Dollar.

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