Gov’t officials are “doubling down” on these 3 stock

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One of America's top insider trading experts has just identified THREE of the hottest stocks trending amongst congress members right now.

Including one under the radar energy stock that's trading for about $10.

What's interesting is – one of the most prolific congressional traders, a republican who traded more than $50 million in 2021, is reaching in with both hands…

Already this year he's spent upwards of $1,000,000 on this $10 stock…

But he was not alone.

Based on the buying patterns of both the democratic and republican parties…

This tiny energy stock was among the top 5 most popular stocks purchased by House members.

Now, under normal circumstances, this information is reserved for paying clientele only.

But as of now, the former hedge fund trader and insider expert, Lance Ippolito, is giving away this stock and two others in his brand new E-book called.

"3 Stock Congress Can't Stop Buying"

To claim your digital copy today, simply click this link now.

Please know there are no strings attached, or credit card required.

But I wouldn't delay, there's no telling how cheap this stay once the words starts to spread.

Simply click the link above and grab your digital copy at no cost to you.

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