Jeff Bezos Just Poured $10 Billion Into This! | 11 April

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April 12, 2022

The Tech Boom

Here's an important message from one of our partners:

Dear Reader,

Not many people know this story….

But in 1998, Bezos invested $250,000 of his own money in Google, when the company was just getting started out of a garage in California.

When Google went public in 2004, that $250,000 investment translated into 3.3 million shares of Google stock.

Nobody knows if Bezos has sold any shares. If he hasn't, today they're worth more than $5.6 billion.

I'm telling you this story because Jeff Bezos is betting big on a new trend.

This time he's planning to invest $10 billion of his own money in this exciting new trend.

That's 40,000 times more money than what he invested in Google.

That's how big he thinks this could be.

And when you click here and get the details, you could end up being right along his side.

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