The end of the dollar?! | 12 April

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April 13, 2022

The Tech Boom

Here's an important message from one of our partners:

Dear Reader,

For years, alarmists have predicted the end of the dollar.

Many have warned it would fall due to money printing and too much debt…

Others are convinced our money will fall as China rises and takes over as the biggest world economy…

And former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has even predicted Bitcoin could replace the dollar.

Bitcoin Will Replace U.S. Dollar Says Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

But technology expert Jeff Brown has a prediction of his own about the end of the dollar that has nothing to do with China, debt, or Bitcoin.

He says:

"We're about to witness the biggest overhaul to the dollar since 1971, when President Nixon took our currency off the gold standard. It will forever change the way we spend, borrow, save, and invest."

Jeff was a longtime technology executive for some of the world's most innovative technology firms. He's an angel investor, and he has deep connections in Washington, D.C.

And recently, he sat down for an in-depth interview to share his prediction about the fate of the dollar.

To see what to expect in the days to come, go here.

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