Why Defaulting Bonds Will Triggering A Financial Crisis

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What is going to happen next?

We are heading toward another Financial Crisis. It will make 2008 look tepid. I look for this Crisis to really hit in 2023 but the beginnings are already in place.

Take a look at the chart above. It shows a dotted line which is 10 year Treasury yields. The solid like is the ratio of junk bonds to investment grade bonds. This ratio shows how much stress there is in the bond market.

As you can see, stress increased significantly in 2020 which should not be a surprise given the crushing of the economy by various governments. But then things calmed down until recently.

Now, the stress is rocketing higher.


The obvious first answer is that the Fed is now tightening. Rising interest rates put stress on weak companies threatening their very existence. So junk bonds sink compared to investment grade and the spread in the chart goes up. The Fed will also be decreasing liquidity and that will hammer weak companies also.

The second reason is that banks are not making money on loans and will tighten lending standards. This can be a disaster for some weak companies because they won't be able to borrow money at any price. Or they will have to borrow at usurious levels thus threatening their existence.

What is going to happen?

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It take time for the tightening to trigger defaults. Months. So we are unlikely to see many defaults for at least six months. But they are coming. You can see it in the chart.

I have been proposing reasons why I look for a recession by next spring and perhaps even this year. The chart shows one more reason this will happen.

So how do we make money from this?

First, be patient. The wave of defaults won't happen tomorrow. But, when it does, there are two main ways I will make money from it.

First, short junk bonds or junk bond ETFs. Second, find companies with weak balance sheets and short them.

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Good trading,

Courtney Smith


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Nothing to add to that!

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