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I rarely do any mentoring or coaching. It's very intense for me.

The only mentoring I do is my Trader's Apprentice Program (TAP). The odd thing is that we have never offered to people. They hear about it through word of mouth. This paragraph is the first time it has ever been mentioned in public!

But TAP is closed to new mentees.

But I decided to open our Wealthbuilder Mentoring Intensive for the first time in years. But there are only two slots available. I simply don't have the time to do more than that.

Here's how it works.

First, you decide you want to join and fill in a simple application.

If there is a slot available and we think we can solve your problem or achieve your goals, then you are in the program. Of course, it is not free.

You and I then have a Power Profit Planning session. I go over your application with you but we mainly discuss what you want to achieve in the Mentoring Intensive. We discuss it and I outline a plan of attack to achieve your goal.

We then wait two weeks while I put together a specific plan just for you to achieve your goals.

We then meet for 8 weeks in a row at the same time each week. We go over your progress and discuss the future. I may assign homework for you. I may give you education if that is what you need. I may ask you to create a trading journal. What happens depends on that first meeting between us where we outlined a plan of attack.

The last of the 8 sessions is a wrap up and we review what you have accomplished.

We have one final session three months later where we make sure you have stuck with the accomplishments of the 8 weeks.

It depends on our plan for you but you should allocate perhaps 1 hour per day to the Mentoring Intensive. If I gift you education, it might be more.

This program is not for everyone. It is really for people who want to make a sharp change for the better in their trading. They want to get to a level where they can quit their job or retire at a higher level or want to send their kids to a better school.

It is not for people who are lame or slack or are not prepared to take action right now.

Click here for more information and to apply!

Let's see if the Mentoring Intensive is for you. If it is, I will change your life forever!

Remember, we only have two slots open and we have decided to never have more than two slots open at a time ever.

So click here to learn more and apply now.

Good intensive trading,

Courtney Smith

Need help? Please contact Support@WealthBuilderllc.com

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