[48 Hours Only] How to claim my VIP service at a massive discount

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I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend and had a chance to relax away from these hectic markets…

But, now, it's time to get back to business.

And I am doing something I never thought I would to help a few more people join my Weekly Options Profits VIP service.

The same service that's delivered winning trades over 97% of the time since the start of 2021!

In these markets, I believe you need a consistent, income-based strategy…

And my flagship program delivers the exact weekly option alert I am placing every single week of the year!

I've already discounted the service due to these brutal markets so that more of my readers can take advantage of this powerful program.

But now I am going a step further!

With an offer I thought I'd never make!

For 48 hours only, you can join the Weekly Options Profits VIP for just $297…

And get a full 3 months of these powerful alerts.

That's 12 VIP alerts with exact trade details delivered right to your inbox every week!

Just Tap Here to Take Advantage of this Special 48 Hour Offer

Trade well,

Jack Carter


Superior Information 300 Center Drive #G140 Superior, Colorado 80027 United States

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