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Will The Labor Shortage Spark a $1.2 Trillion Tech Revolution?

47 million Americans have walked away from their jobs in the last year.

Businesses everywhere can't find the employees they need to keep the doors open.

This labor shortage is all over the news. But the mainstream media is missing the big picture...

A seismic paradigm shift that - according to estimates by major money management firm Ark Invest - could add "$1.2 trillion to U.S. GDP in the next five years."

Early investors could make BIG money. The full story here...

Top 3 Fastest-Growing Dividends

Kyle Wehrle, Assistant Managing Editor, The Oxford Club

State of the Market video on YouTube

In this week's State of the Market, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld clues you in on three of the fastest-growing dividends of today.

Because our portfolios should always thrive...

Even when inflation is sky-high and the stock market has taken a beating year to date.

Chart: Dow Jones Industrial Average Year to Date

These three dividend-paying stocks have held steady or have even gone UP so far in 2022, and they carry some of the HIGHEST dividend growth rates on the market.


Is 2022 Gold's Biggest Year Yet?

The press conference gold bugs have been waiting for is coming on June 15. That's when Jay Powell could take the stage and make a shocking announcement. If it happens the way one monetary expert thinks it will... it will be gold's time to shine.

Marc's recommendations include...

  • A Southern real estate investment trust yielding a juicy 7.1%
  • A 2.8%-yielding POWERFUL dividend grower in the tech sphere
  • A 3%-yielding online bank that Marc calls "a true bro."

Join Marc in this week's State of the Market and discover three dividend payers with breakneck yield growth that are your safest shots at outpacing today's converging headwinds.

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Former CBOE Trader Reveals Wednesday Market Trend

Click Here

It's returned an 83% win rate.

Now he's GUARANTEEING he beats it...

You can't afford to ignore this strategy.

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