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How to Easily Overcome the Trader's Worst Enemy

Zacks Member,

Your own emotions may be the single biggest obstacle standing in the way of your success as a trader.

When the market sells off (like it has in recent weeks), emotions can make you sell stocks at the bottom, which is literally throwing away money. When the market surges higher, emotions can cause you to miss out on profits by taking profits too soon.

That's why we built a computer-driven stock-picking system that totally eliminates the negative impact of emotional decision-making.

Combining 12 powerful stock traits, our formula finds stocks with strong near-term profit potential. No fear. No greed. No emotional attachment to prevent you from buying and selling at the right time.

This "Black Box" strategy has blown away our expectations. Last year, it beat the S&P 500's +28.7% performance with an overall gain of +43.9%.

Now In 2022, it's averaging a double-digit winner every 12 trading days and closing gains as high as +42.9%, +37.0, +19.5%, and +12.9%, in as little as a week.¹

This fast-paced strategy aims to generate a flurry of quick wins. Then, it helps you move your profits from one winner to the next, so your gains keep multiplying week after week.

How much time will it take to catch these picks? Less than 10 minutes of trading per week!

Brand-new stocks will be posted this coming Monday morning. Today, you are invited to be first in line to see them. Your total cost for 30-day access to Black Box Trader portfolio is only $1 without a cent of additional obligation.

Bonus Report Until Sunday, May 15: You are also invited to download our Special Report, One Semiconductor Stock Stands to Gain the Most. During the chip shortage crisis, this small-cap is one of the rare thriving manufacturers - and it's ramping up with a new partnership in a new market. From 35 semiconductor stocks, you can get an early look at Zacks' top pick.

All the Best,

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Kevin Matras, EVP

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