SEC Warns Traders To Stop Buying…

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[ATTN: TRADERS] The SEC issued another Investor Bulletin warning traders to STOP buying "pre-IPO" shares.

The bulletin warns that early investors, founders and insider shareholders in a company "often view an IPO as an exit strategy-a way to realize a profit on their investment by being able sell shares to the public"

In short, the SEC is seeing too many "Main Street" Traders get clobbered by big-shot insiders and billionares. When YOU can finally get INTO a trade, THEY dump shares and get OUT.

But there's a way to turn the tables. Let's break this down...

When companies go public early investors can NOT sell shares for 6 months because these shares are locked-up.

So, when Global Brands ($GLBE) ran up to 300+% from $24.22 to $83.77 after it's February 10th IPO, insiders could NOT sell.

Insiders had to sit on shares and wait until after November 10th to sell.

Notice how many shares are outstanding during this LOCK-UP period?

Company insiders are chomping at the bit to get sell orders in.

The SEC warns regular investors to STOP buying before the lock-up period ends... because when it does, there will be an AVALANCHE of selling.

But now more than ever, regular folks hear "IPO" and they buy, buy, buy!

When this ignorant market behavior hands us a "glitch" in the system, smart traders should capitalize on it!

Like Dana L., a regular investor from Dayton, Ohio.

Dana purchased $60 strike puts on $GBLE for only $.50.

Knowing that $GBLE couldn't sustain gains going into its lock-up date, she made a bet on the stock trading lower into its lock-up date.

She was right!

Dana locked in $5,271.88 on this one trade, with just a $350 stake on the position.

These are common sense trades.

It makes sense why an avalanche of shares would make a stock go down; right?

As the SEC warns, "When lock-up agreements expire, the share price may decline significantly." In the FREE lock-up report you can claim today, I include detailed examples of the $GLBE trade, along with lock-up examples in $TWTR, and our latest wing-dinger $LCID.

I guess this report could be considered the gateway drug into my world...

A world packed with some of the highest probability trades I've seen in my 25 years of experience in the markets.

My reader Ed O says, "My profit/loss open is at +$13,248. All because I learned from YOU"

Download the Free Report (I also included the SEC document as a hyperlink on Page 13, helpful read) with all the details HERE.


Jonathan Rose

P.S. The Lock-Up trade is great for beginners and traders at any skill level. It's hands down the best way to find easy winning trades for life. It's so reliable my student Cee wrote me: "I am about to cash out of my lock-up on BXG for a 13th winning trade."

Get the full details HERE.

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