The 1 Thing Everybody Forgets About the Stock Market

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Dear Loyal Reader,

Even with this morning's big bounce … the stock market has been ugly!

There's no other way to say it. And unfortunately, I can't tell you when it'll get back to normal.

But there's one thing we can tell you with total confidence: It WILL get back.

That's the most amazing — and probably most underappreciated — thing about the U.S. stock market: It ALWAYS bounces back higher than ever before. And it usually doesn't take too long to start that bounce.

All you need is a little patience.

And as history shows … people who play it smart during times like these usually come out even stronger than before.

We see it every single time the market has a hiccup like this. The folks that stay calm and scoop up the right stocks when things are down…

Well, they usually end up booking some truly once-in-a-lifetime gains. They're the ones who don't end up saying: "I really wish I'd bought then."

It's why the world's best investors — from Warren Buffett on down — look at times like these with greed rather than fear. They just put together a shopping list of the best bargains in the market and then snap them up.

2 Stocks to Add to Your List

To help you with your list — and I urge you to start building it soon — I recommend watching the latest interview with our colleague and former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly.

During the broadcast, Paul said he's found two stocks with "moonshot potential."

They're the cornerstones of a $34 trillion industry, and they've got more than $30 billion in profits between them. But right now, they're both less than $7 a share.

Check out what Paul says:

I know of NO other opportunity in the market that's anything like this.

That's why I don't think investors can afford to ignore them for much longer.

To see his full interview, click here


Sarah Williams
Associate Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing


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