The Best Market Advice I’ve Heard in Months

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I just saw a great message from Amber…

She gave the best advice on how to navigate this choppy market.

And I have to tell you … I couldn't have said it better myself.

So rather than try to rehash it, I want you see exactly what she said.

Check it out…

– Paul

From: Amber Lancaster
Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2022
Subject: Do These Two Things Right Now…

Dear Loyal Reader,

I know it's hard to keep Strong Hands right now. But this is absolutely the most important time to do it.

So hang on!

Remember … selling stocks when the entire market is getting clobbered only guarantees you'll book a loss. And it takes away the chance of returning to profit when things rebound.

Sure, it's painful to watch the final stages of this sell-off — maybe even a little scary — but there are two keys to weathering a storm like this.

The first is to hold on. Keep those Strong Hands strong.

And the second is to smartly buy when opportunities arise.

Following that approach is literally the ONLY way to make money as an investor. It's buy low, sell high in action.

And when the entire market is down — like it is now — we can buy low, and sell high when stocks bounce back. And trust me on that … they WILL bounce back.

After all, stocks recovered after all the worst crashes we've seen…

1929 … 1987 … 1999-2000 … 2020…

Not only that … they rose even higher after the dust settled.

So hang on tight!

And have a list of stocks you want to be in when the rebound inevitably happens.

And if you need help starting that list of stocks … check out Paul's newest video. In it, he details two of the most exciting opportunities he sees in the market right now.

They're both iconic American companies with tens of billions in profits. That's right … billions.

And right now, we can grab them both for less than $7 each.

It's a rare opportunity that only exists because of the current situation. So don't miss it.

And keep those Strong Hands strong.

Full details here…


Amber Lancaster
Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing


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