The Russian Oil Supply Crisis And Inflation Created These Opportunities

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Dear Investor,

Certain small energy stocks are skyrocketing due to the double whammy of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and raging inflation.

The price of Brent Crude Oil itself has exploded from a 2020 COVID low of $9.12 to a recent high of $110.39 a barrel.

And certain experts are predicting $150 to $200 per barrel as inflation gyrates out of control.

But in crisis… there is opportunity.

Our favorite small oil stock has almost tripled just this year.

It's showing a textbook pullback on its chart today… a gap-down Hammer bottoming candlestick signal back at recent support.

So, it's poised to continue its blast back to the upside.

Get the name of that stock and a few of our other favorite plays here.

Yours for better trading,

The Wealth Creation Investing Team

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