The Silent War Investment Inside Your Smartphone?

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US Government falls into a mad scramble for lithium. This could make Nevada the most valuable state in the USA.

U.S. Takes Fight to China for Control of Lucrative Battery Market

Forget what you've heard about "U.S. vs. China". One of the most important battles of the digital age is taking place INSIDE your cell phone. It's about control of the battery-grade lithium that powers virtually every new technology – from mobile devices to military hardware.

Right now China supplies 80% of global lithium. And with the battery market set to quadruple to $193 billion by 2028, the stakes are getting higher by the day. Fortunately for us help is on the way. The U.S. is preparing a huge mining investment package for lithium-rich Nevada...

See Why Savvy American Investors are Flocking to the Nevada Desert

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