Weirdest Under $2 Stock You\'ll See (Perfect for Markets Like This)

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Fair warning: It's very unusual.

It's one of the most widely known brand names (Fortune lists it as one of the Top 50 Most Admired Companies in the World)...

Just as recognizable as Disney or Tesla... and more recognizable than Square.

But it's largely IGNORED by Wall Street.

Last year it made more income than Disney, Tesla or Square...

Yet Disney and Square are both 35X more expensive than this stock. And Tesla is 84X more expensive.

It brought a "Netflix-like" revenue model to one of the most unlikely industries...

And as a result... it could have $14.5 BILLION (or more) in recurring revenue every single year...

On TOP of a sales backlog of $75 BILLION.

In short...

It could be trading at $50 and still be cheaper than Disney or Square...

Heck... it could be at $100 and still be cheaper than Tesla!

But if you act now (before a key announcement on May 12)...


Ryan Fitzwater

Associate Publisher, Monument Traders Alliance

P.S. Lots of the well-known stocks are getting pummeled with market volatility...
That's why this could be The Last Great Value Stock in this market right now.

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