2022-06-21 | ~ 🌍 Buy this stock while the market is down

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Editor's Note: This is one of the most unusual stories we've seen for 2021. As an American, you need to see this and decide if it's valuable to you. We urge you to continue reading below.
Dear Reader,

Buy this stock immediately.

A man who's met the company Chairman multiple times and attended every annual meeting for the past 20+ years predicts it could double your money over the long run if you get in right now.

His name is Whitney Tilson – a former hedge fund manager of $200 million in assets, who knows more about this stock than almost anyone outside the company itself.

And for a limited time, he's sharing little-known information on why this stock could be a huge winner.

Especially if you take advantage of the volatility in the stock market right now and grab shares at today's prices.

He says:
"Many times throughout my career, when such irrationality has manifested itself in financial markets, leading to big sell-offs, I've taken advantage – and made tens of millions of dollars for my investors."
Keep in mind: Tilson is a Wall Street legend.

He bought Apple at $0.35, Amazon at $48, Netflix at $7.78, McDonald's at $13… has appeared on 60 Minutes (twice), Fox Business, and CNBC – who once called him "The Prophet" for the accuracy of his predictions.

Already, 5 billionaires have signed up to get direct access to Whitney's research and daily updates.

If you have any money to put to work, we urge you to see what Whitney is saying about his favorite investment opportunity.

For a limited time, Whitney is giving this stock idea away to the public at no charge.

But he'll likely take this information down soon.

Take a moment while you can to access the full details here.
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Sam Latter
Editor in Chief, Empire Financial Research

P.S. Whitney sends Christmas cookies to the Chairman of this company every year…

And for a limited time, he's sharing a full and surprising analysis on why you should load up on this stock immediately. Read here.
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