Apple Disappoints Again — Invest in Next-Gen Tech Instead

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Apple Disappoints Again — Invest in Next-Gen Tech Instead
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By Jay Goldberg
Assistant Managing Editor

Dear Winning Investor,

Apple kicked off its presentation on Monday in the most dramatic way possible.

Craig Federighi, a senior vice president, descended through what looked like a spaceship.

Epic music played in the background as Federighi posed with a stern expression on his face.

The sci-fi scenery set the stage for Apple to finally reveal a new product.

Maybe a gaming console or virtual reality headset…

Or its rumored Apple Car.

Not this year.

Instead, iPhone users can now change the font on their lock screens.

And the MacBook Air will come in two new colors: “Midnight” and “Starlight.”

The two-hour presentation was full of minor tweaks and upgrades.

Apple clearly isn’t a next-gen company anymore. It’s just trying to look like one.

The last time it came out with an innovative product was the iPhone … all the way back in 2007.

The real next-gen companies are in Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes portfolio.

You won’t believe how fast some of them are growing.

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