Bad News Doesn’t Have to Mean Investing Losses

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Charles Payne The Power Of Options Webinar

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Fellow Investor,

If your portfolio has dipped along with the overall markets…

In the downtrend from recent highs…

You need a different strategy.

One that works just as well in lean markets as it does in times of plenty.

One that doesn't require a lot of specialized knowledge — My team can show you what you need to know to get started in less than an hour.

One that you can probably use today, in your current brokerage account.

In fact, this strategy…

  • Could provide you stability — whether the markets are going up or down.

  • Could get you into and out of positions quickly — so you don't get bogged down in losing companies or sectors

  • Doesn't require a lot of money up front — so you don't have to abandon your favorite investments during this rocky period

The strategy I'm talking about? Options trades.

And my team can show you how you can use options yourself, in your current portfolio, in my

Because, while I don't use options all the time…

The truth is they are exceptionally effective at protecting and creating wealth in uncertain, unstable times.

Like the one we're currently living in.

The reason they're so powerful in unstable situations is because options can make you money in down markets just as effectively as they do in boom times.

So when you aren't sure which to expect over the next year…

Because there's a pandemic flying around the world, still disrupting supply chains…

Because there's a war in the middle of Europe, disrupting energy supply…

Because, as bad as things seem today, they could get much worse tomorrow…

Or could unexpectedly resolve by next week…

You need a nimble strategy that can be profitable no matter what happens.

That's why this is the time for options to shine.

And that's why I'm making my POWER OF OPTIONS Master Class free to everyone.

Just follow this link.

Because what will happen tomorrow is anyone's guess.

But the investing strategy that can make you money, no matter what happens?

You want to have that in your arsenal right now.

Learn more about why options are so powerful in conditions like we're facing today — and exactly how you can use them in your own portfolio.

But don't delay.

The next big shift in the markets could come at any time.

You want to be ready.

Attend my free
POWER OF OPTIONS Master Class today, and you will be.


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