Crypto = Dot-Com 2.0

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Crypto = Dot-Com 2.0

By Andy Snyder, Founder

Andy Snyder

Dear Reader,

Crypto is a disaster right now.

Crypto banks are freezing assets.

Crypto stocks are worried about margin calls.

And prices are plummeting.

It's very similar to what happened in the dot-com crisis... when companies like Pets.com and eToys were washed away in months.

But it's also important to remember...

From the ashes of the dot-com collapse came some of the biggest tech winners of all time.

Take Apple.

It plunged 79% during the dot-com bust in 2000.

That scared off a lot of investors. But if you had bought it... you'd be up around 500 times your money today.

I believe the same will be true for crypto.

Right now, we are seeing a natural washing out of the bad cryptos. They are rightfully going the way of the buffalo.

But I believe a few cryptos, available for extremely cheap prices now, will end up rising from the ashes and making some smart investors very rich.

My Take on the Three Cryptos That Will WIN the Future

And all it might take is a smart speculation today of $100 or so.

I believe that's a worthy bet.

So check out my breakdown of the three cryptos most likely to emerge and become even bigger than Bitcoin here.

Take advantage of this buying opportunity and make a smart speculation.

It could pay off big in the future.

Be well,


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