Free Crypto Mini-Course — The Truth About Bitcoin Prices

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Dear Loyal Reader,

There's been a lot going on in the crypto markets — to say the least.

Cryptos have always moved quickly — but this time, things are changing so fast, it's hard to keep up.

So we decided to do something a little different: a quick four-day email mini-course on cryptos…

To help bring you up to speed on exactly what's going on, and what we can expect.

We'll explain the thought process behind each insight. So you'll know not only what's happening — but why.

And your free crypto mini-course starts right now…

Lesson #1 : Higher Highs & Higher Lows

Right now, bitcoin is on sale.

In fact, it's down 54% from its record high of $67,802 in November…

Which presents a rare opportunity for investors who know the truth about bitcoin's value.

Since 2011, bitcoin's up over 11 million percent.

That's insane.

To put that in perspective, since 1932, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up just 3,648%.

Just look at this chart showing the entire history of bitcoin's price.

Click here if you are unable to see the image.

As you can plainly see — price corrections happen.

You can also see that every low that came after — was much higher than the one before.

A new peak hits, followed by a correction.

Peak. Correction. Peak. Correction.

And each correction leads to a low substantially higher low than the one before.

In other words, higher highs and higher lows.

The higher lows confirm we're in a major long-term uptrend.

Bitcoin's rally started in 2016 at around $375.

By the end of that year … bitcoin was trading for about $960.

A year later, it hit a peak of $17,000 — jumping 18 times higher in 12 months.

Then that first big crypto crash hit.

But even at its lowest point … at the end of 2018 … bitcoin was at $3,200 … more than eight times higher than when its rally began in 2016.

Most recently, bitcoin hit a record of $67,802…

But then corrected to around $30,000.

And that low was also over 10 times higher than its low in 2018.

So yes — bitcoin dropped 50% from its all-time highs…

But that's a drop in the bucket compared to the more than 11.6 million percent gain it saw over the past 10 years.

The big investing secret about higher highs and higher lows is they create a huge opportunity for "in-the-know" investors.

Because once crypto volatility vanishes, then everyone will jump in — and the huge gains will disappear.

So make sure you use the higher highs and higher lows crypto secret to your advantage.

Tomorrow Ian will show you the little-known corner of the crypto market on track to soar 70X higher by the end of the decade.

Turn On Your Images
Steve Fernandez
Research Analyst, Banyan Hill Publishing

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Ian will show you the most exciting development in cryptocurrencies since the launch of bitcoin.


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