Honoring YOU, Our Readers

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Honoring YOU, Our Readers

By Lina Lee, Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

Dear Real Talk Reader,

Lina Lee Headshot

Your response to Charles’ Memorial Day note was overwhelming.

And our entire team is grateful for your service and kind words.

Charles is working hard to personally reply to all of your emails.

In the meantime, check out more of your responses to us below in this special edition of Real Talk

— Lina Lee

From Boston A.: In my humblest way as one of your subscribers, your words of appreciation and thanks bring tears to my eyes because I can feel it. I know it’s from the depth of your heart. Thanks for being REAL. I served 19 years.

From Steven T.: Charles, I just wanted to thank you for two things…

  1. For sending out this Memorial Day note of encouragement. I am not a veteran, but my wife is.
  1. Most importantly, for not shying away from letting others know that you bow your head in prayer and publicly recognize the Almighty.

In today’s politically correct society, it is refreshing to see. May God bless you and your family.

From Paul L.: Thanks for the message. I served in the U.S. Coast Guard for 21 years (1969 to 1990). I retired from my second career in 2020 and now, my full-time job is managing our portfolio — with your help.

I have lifetime subscriptions to Alpha Investor and Catalyst Fortunes. While you never served in the armed forces, your love of country comes across continuously. 

You’re serving Main Street, and I hope it grows into a million-member army. I appreciate your weekly updates and insights. Thanks for teaching and sharing your knowledge.

You give so much more than you take. All the best to you.

From Karl G.: Charles, thank you so much for recognizing those who have served in our armed services. I served 30 years combined in the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army.

We have lost many brothers and sisters over the years. I especially appreciate you recognizing those who gave their lives for our country. Much appreciated.

From Jim J.: Thank you for your very sincere feelings toward all veterans. As with all of us who have served, you are also a true patriot. You obviously love our country.

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13 Hours: The Story of Benghazi
Many have heard the story of what happened in Benghazi … but few lived it. Mark “Oz” Geist is one of them. He tells Charles the story of what really happened, and shares how he’s using the organization he started to continue to serve his fellow Americans.

From Patrick F.: Good evening, Charles. Just wanted to let you know that I’m one of your followers. A small fish in the big pond as investors go, as I would say.

I’m also a veteran, almost 25 years in the U.S. Air Force. As a civilian airman, I look back on my service (currently retired) as one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had. As a naturalized U.S. citizen, I can think of no better way to pay it forward to this truly amazing country than to serve in the armed forces.

I have been broke and broken and with hard work and humility. This country is like no other and offers each and every one of us the opportunity to rise again and prosper.

Your work for us service folks (who cannot read Mr. Market as you do) is appreciated and hugely important to ensuring we plan for a safe and secure future. Thank you for this service.

From David E.: Charles, thank you for your thankful comments. For so many who served and were lost, we owe them our best as citizens of our country.

I retired from the Army after 28 years of active duty service. What an honor to serve our country and our soldiers, airmen, Marines and sailors!

From Dan J.: Thank you, Charles, for praying for those who have served and are serving. I am a former Navy officer who served on destroyers in the Pacific Fleet. I recently joined your service and will be with you for two years.

From Doug K.: Hello Charles, I served in the North Dakota Army National Guard for 26 years from 1989 to 2015, as a cook and as a supply person. I retired as a sergeant. It was rewarding and something I am glad to have done. It opened up many opportunities for me. 

Thank you for what you do. I have been following you for about two years now and am a subscriber. I watch your weekly presentations and have learned a lot. Our portfolio is doing very well. Keep up the good work.

 Also thank you for your thoughts on serving in the military. I just felt I needed to do it and am a more well-rounded person because of the military. You are welcome!

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Uncommon Grit
Some might call him “superhuman.” Darren McBurnett put himself through the toughest training there is in order to start a 24-year career as a Navy SEAL. Charles interviews “McB” on his training, his passion for photography and the work he does as a warrior who’s “never out of the fight.”

From Penny H.: My husband served in Vietnam. He and his friend were in charge of a veterinary hospital in Cam Ranh Bay, where they took care of the tracker dogs, sentry dogs, etc. In fact, his friend wrote a book that tells some of the experiences during that time.

Our military is a large part of what this country is all about, and it is a shame how some of them have suffered and have been overlooked. May God bless all of them. Thank you.

From Dave W.: Hello Charles, I am in the 1% of people who served in the military. I spent four years in the Air Force and two and a half years overseas. I got to see a lot of things that not many see in person. From my time and experience in Vietnam, I am now classified as 100% disabled.

I’m trying to make the stock market work for me to make life just a little better. I really appreciate what you are doing. I realize it’s not an overnight get-rich deal, just a slow process.

I have a life membership in both your Alpha Investor and Catalyst Fortunes services. Some stocks I have to pass on due to the buy price being high for me. But I can afford some of the less expensive stocks, and I have a good variety of them.

Thanks for your time, it’s beautiful here in Alaska today — bright blue skies this Memorial Day morning.

From Jim S.: Hello Charles, I finally have the nerve and the impulse to email you after reading your email. I wanted to let you know how great it is to have you as a friend, by my side, guiding my investment strategy.

I truly hang onto every word you say and every bit of advice. Plus, of course, I want to thank you for providing such a great service to those of us who have not had time to fully understand the world of investing. I’ve had various levels of interest over the years and did become somewhat serious about it. But life always seemed to pull me in a different direction, and I never really had the confidence I needed. 

I am seeing some of my investments doing quite well and others turning around that will hopefully do quite well based on your research, recommendations and advice. So, I thank you for that.

I served 20-plus years in the U.S. Navy and retired. I gained a lot of experience. I enlisted after high school in the early ’80s and worked at the White House under Ronald Reagan. I got my education and received a commission as an officer. And I got to see much of the world. I was proud to have served my country back then, but it wasn’t hard given the big threat was just Russia at the time.

Thanks for encouraging an old military guy to reach out to you. I truly appreciate your kind words and acknowledgment of those who paid the ultimate price. I was just sitting here wondering how few people actually take the time to acknowledge and honor the fallen, and your Monday email was very timely.

Thanks again, Charles, for all you do for us. All the best to you and yours. (By the way, a fellow New Yorker here, born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.)

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Excellence Without Arrogance
Former Navy Captain Mike Abrashoff took a ship plagued by low morale, high turnover and abysmal performance evaluations and transformed it to rank first in its fleet. In his discussion with Charles, Abrashoff reveals how he did it — and how he uses the very same principles to help businesses achieve their goals.

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