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I can't wait for you to join me in this

Hey folks,

If you know me, you're probably tired of me talking about "income" and "cash flow" all the time…

But I can't help it!

It's so important to understand how to generate premium in your brokerage account regardless of what the market is doing.

In fact, my #1 strategy for premium generation has been killing it the last 18 months despite all the crazy markets.

And I am finally doing a deep dive on it…

I call these trades "executive bonus checks" because the way I like to describe this strategy is that anyone with $25k or more can build a little business inside their brokerage that allows them to collect cash.

And I'll show you exactly how it works in a LIVE workshop this Thursday…

Make sure you register here and don't miss it

See you there,

Jack Carter

P.S. This strategy is averaging a "bonus check" of $201 every week on just one contract… Not a bad "side hustle" eh? Make sure you register here


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