Investor Alert: Monday's Top Stocks Under $10

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Low Share Prices. Sky-High Growth Potential.

Zacks Member,

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to get in on low-priced stocks that are on the verge of an immediate breakout.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to post a new pick and you can be among the first to see it.

It's an innovative chip company that's more than 4 decades old. Recently beating projected earnings estimates, they provide high quality components that serve a variety of sectors in the electronics industry.

They're perfectly positioned for big gains as demand for chips continues to skyrocket and the global shortage makes them more and more valuable.

In fact, the stock could be soaring out of the "Under $10" category very soon.

Wall Street is starting to catch on, but you can still get in early for what looks to be a very profitable ride.

All the recommendations in our Stocks Under $10 portfolio offer:

High growth potential. Up to 2X and even more. We've recently closed positions with gains of +110.4%, +393.8% and even +995.2%
Excellent prospects for early price movement. Proprietary Zacks signals indicate that significant growth could start within 1-3 months.
Confidence to stay aboard for months and years while other investors bail out early for lesser gains.

Why are these stocks this cheap?

The short answer is that our selected Under $10s should not be trading this low. They have been undervalued and overlooked - but now their vastly improving earnings outlooks should lead to significantly higher share prices.

We look for 4 telltale characteristics to find just the right low-priced stocks:

1.They have a strong Zacks Rank.
2.Multiple analysts are covering them.
3.Growing revenue.
4.Price per share is moving up.

Combine these 4 traits and you have the makings of a winning investment.

There's no reason to hesitate. You can share a full month of buys, sells and market commentary from this portfolio for a total cost of only $1.

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Bonus Report: When you check out our long-term Stocks Under $10, you'll also be given access to our just-released Special Report, 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days.

From 220 Zacks Rank #1 Strong Buys, our experts picked these 7 as most likely for immediate breakout. So you'll be set to pursue market-beating profits both short and long term.

Don't wait, this opportunity ends midnight Sunday, June 5 - tonight.

All the Best,

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Brian Bolan
Editor of Stocks Under $10

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