Jeffry Turnmire’s whirlwind month with 60 Minute Surges

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Join Markay and Jeffry on Sunday night!

When Jeffry first discovered 60 Minute Surges, he wasn't prepared for the unbelievable journey that would follow.

He didn't expect his publisher to commission an extensive trade report on his traders' results…

He didn't expect those results to make it across the country to his friend Markay….

And he certainly didn't expect Markay to travel across the country, grill him about his system, and insist that he allow traders to join his private trade room to trade these surges by his side!

But now that the dust has settled a little bit, he's invited Markay to join him again on Sunday, June 5 at 8:00 PM ET to update you on this incredible one-stock system for trading the opening bell.

You'll hear…

  • How this incredible strategy trades almost exclusively within the first hour the market is open
  • Why this strategy needs only ONE ticker symbol
  • Stories from real traders inside Jeffry's private trade room
  • How YOU can begin trading the opening bell with Jeffry as soon as Monday morning!

Just sign up here to join Markay and Jeffry Sunday night

If you missed this system the first time — or even if you're a skeptic — make sure to join their session on Sunday to see why Jeffry still believes this is the #1 system for these markets.

Trade Well,

Jack Carter


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