Musk’s Last Call | June 5

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Editor's Note: Please see the following from our colleagues at Brownstone Research.
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Dear Reader,

It's like he can see the future…

As reported by CNBC, in 1992, when Elon Musk was just a college student, he predicted five technologies would change the world in his lifetime.

Amazingly, decades later, 4 out of 5 have come true.
  1. Internet
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Electric Energy
  4. Private Space Travel
  5. ??
All that's left is #5.

And today, after decades of waiting, it may finally be ready.

The reason why centers around a remarkable new technology known as "CTX".

It has Musk so obsessed, he redirected an entire Tesla factory to make parts related to it.

And Musk isn't the only one backing it.

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Wall Street, companies like Google, universities like Stanford — they're all heavily invested in this "CTX" technology.

No matter what sort of chaos is currently distracting the rest of the world…

I believe if you can set the news cycle aside — if you decide to join Musk, Bezos, and Gates in backing "CTX" — you could be in for the financial ride of a lifetime.

This technology is on track to siphon trillions of dollars from the hands of Big Pharma. And if you can invest in it now, before its upcoming launch, my research suggests the sky's the limit.

To learn what this "CTX" technology is and why it could be the most important breakthrough of the century, click here for more details.


Jeff Brown
Founder, Brownstone Research

P.S. The FDA has now stepped in to grant "CTX" four different "Fast Track" and "Green Light" designations. This tech is shooting out the door at record speed, and I want you to have a chance to invest in it right now before the rest of the world hears about it.
Click here to get started.
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