Nuclear Missile Architect Reveals New Stock Market Weapon

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Hey Great Ones,

Have you heard of the Greed Gauge?

It's the newest stock market indicator from Michael J. Carr, a financial mastermind revered through the investing world as one of the top traders in the business.

Whereas the VIX or "fear gauge" can only give you a read of investor fear on the overall market after the fact…

The more-powerful Greed Gauge can identify the precise levels of investor greed for each stock in the S&P 500, in real time…

In other words…

It can tell you when to buy AND sell any stock that you want.

And how it works is dead simple.

When it's GREEN, you buy.

When it's RED, you sell.

That's it.

Rigorous back testing confirms that the Greed Gauge would have captured $1 million in extra profits on a $100,000 account compared to the S&P 500…

While witnessing winning trades in all but three months over the last 20 years.

Mike just went public with the indicator for the very first time.

In this video, he reveals exactly how it works…

Including the precise formula he used to create it…

How it identified winning trades almost every month…

And how you stand to benefit upon its official launch.

Discover the full force of the Greed Gauge here.

Click here if you are unable to see the image.


Joseph Hargett
Great Stuff Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

P.S. You'll also discover the No.1 type of trade to make using the Greed Gauge.

Last year's back test data showed triple-digit winners galore: 143% … 115% … 110% … 116% … 139% … 228% … even 775% … in 31 days or less. Full details on the Greed Gauge are right here.


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