Our Man Clint Is Crushing the Market in 2022 and You Should Too

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Hey Great Ones,

Some call him Mr. Bullseye. I call him Our Man Clint ... but you can call him whatever you want.

The one thing you can't call him is LOSER!

As the market falls out of bed in 2022 — down as much as 20% — Clint has silently been sticking it to the bear market with a 90% win rate and double-digit gains.

And when you see how he's doing it … you will never look at a bear market the same way again.

Click here for more, or check out Clint's email below.

– Joe

From: CLint Lee
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Subject: Hope it's cool that Joe let me hijack your inbox

Hey Great Ones

Clint Lee here.

Apologies for crashing your inbox.

I wanted to reach out with some KILLER news.

Ted Bauman and I are going LIVE right now with some new developments that will blow your mind.

Normally Ted and I give our readers a market update each week called Your Money Matters.

But with the current bloodbath in the markets lately, at the last minute we decided to go LIVE with an URGENT special edition of our show that you won't want to miss.

During this Special Edition of Your Money Matters, I'll be sharing how I've been able to rack up an incredible 90% win rate for double-digit profits in 2022 … all while stocks collapsed by 20%

It's all thanks to what I call a "Cash Tsunami" trade.

And with a bear market that won't be hibernating anytime soon…

This is one urgent message you can't afford to miss.

But here's the thing…

Normally, it would take me and Ted months to plan a LIVE event like this.

But with the markets in freefall and Great Ones like you looking to gain much needed ground in there market right now…

We couldn't stand around waiting for hair and makeup.

So if you're game, all you need to do is click this link now.

Then get ready to jump right in the middle of one of the biggest developments we've seen in years.

I can't wait to show you how this "Cash Tsunami" trade has been crushing it in 2022 with an astounding 90% win rate for double-digit gains as the market crumbled.

And once you see how easy it is to stick it to Mr. Market with this killer trade…

I guarantee you won't care about the hair and makeup.

Join us live for this epic event HERE now.

See you then…

Kind regards,

Ted Bauman Signature

Clint Lee
Research Analyst, The Bauman Letter


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