Predicted the fall of Hillary, the rise of Trump, his next prediction?

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Predicted the fall of Hillary, the rise of Trump, his next prediction?

Dear Loyal Reader,

When Jim Rickards warned of the 2008 crisis two years before it ever happened…

The CIA began circulating his warning among its senior staff.

And his full thesis was so in-depth that it appeared in the CIA journal "Studies in Intelligence."

Click here if you are unable to see the image.

That information still remains classified.

Even still, in 2016, when he went on national television to predict the election of Donald Trump…

Most people tried to dismiss him, saying things like "Hilary is ahead in every poll".

But events shaped up just the way he said.

Then in 2019, a full four months before the coronavirus hit…

He said that a global pandemic could be the cause of the next financial crisis … and that a crisis of this proportion would happen with "near 100% certainty" within the next few years...

Most people thought he finally lost it.

But we all know what happened next ... the world was nearly brought to its knees by this "unforeseen" event.

Now Jim, a former advisor to the CIA and the Pentagon, is issuing a shocking new warning.

One that could have grave consequences for you and your family's wealth over just the next few weeks.

If you have money in the markets, or wealth to protect, then you need to heed his warning now.

Because once this crisis finally hits ... it could already be too late.

>>>Click Here to See His New Warning<<<


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