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Midnight Deadline: Claim Your Free Book Now

Zacks Member,

You've been selected to receive a free copy of my hardbound 300-page book, Finding #1 Stocks. I'll even cover the shipping.

It discloses the formulas for Zacks' most successful stock-picking strategies for not only meeting market gains, but greatly exceeding them.

While the S&P gained +28.8% in 2021, our stock-picking strategies actually produced gains up to +48.2%, +67.6%, and even +95.3%

That goes for down markets as well, with those same strategies outperforming the S&P during the bear market of 2008. And, of course, skyrocketing in the subsequent bull market that followed.

Even better, the book accompanies our Zacks Method for Trading Home Study Course which lets you quickly access the latest stocks from those strategies. This fun, interactive experience makes it a snap to put our system into effect in your own home, at your own pace, without attending a single class or seminar.

But please remember, our inventory of books is limited. Your chance to get Finding #1 Stocks free ends Tuesday, June 21 - midnight tonight.

Good Investing,

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Kevin Matras

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