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Targeting Triple-Digit Gains in This Market

Zacks Member,

Warren Buffett just poured $51 billion into a handful of stocks - and this big move highlights a chance for you to target spectacular profits.

You've probably heard Buffett's famous advice: be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful. But Buffett was not "greedy" during the COVID selloff.

So why is he buying with both hands now?

Because the market pullback has created an opportunity juicier than anything we've seen in years.

Right now, it's simple to find solid stocks worth much more than their prices reflect... if you know where to look. These stocks are primed to climb much higher in the months ahead.

Zacks Value Investor aims to catch the most lucrative value stocks just as they begin to make their strong price moves. Recent closed positions have gained +186.9%... +312.7%... even +348.7%.¹ And based on current conditions, I expect to see even bigger gains in the coming months.

Tomorrow I am posting a sharply undervalued stock with similar profit potential. It fits Buffett's wealth-building criteria perfectly - and you can be among the first to see it.

As an added bonus, you can also download our Special Report, 5 Stocks Set to Double. It highlights 5 stocks our team of experts believes will generate gains of +100% or more in the coming year.

Previous editions of this report have pointed investors to some big winners, including Anavex Life Sciences, which jumped +359% in just 5 months. You don't want to miss this.

But we must hear from you by Thursday, June 23 - before midnight tonight.

All the Best,

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