Tech Stock Bloodbath (Here's Your Life Raft)

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Tech Stock Bloodbath (Here's Your Life Raft)

Editor's Note: I thought you would be interested in this from my friend Karim over at Monument Traders Alliance. While the media is focused on inflation and gas prices... he's sounding the alarm about a major shift in the global economy that no one is talking about...

We've known Karim for years. So, when he says something big is happening - it's worth your time to pay attention.

Dear Reader,

Tech stocks have been killed lately...

The same stocks that rose 100%... 500%... even 1,000% in the past few years...

Are now dropping by 20%... 30%... 50%... or more.

Look at Zoom. It was up over 700% during the first 10 months of 2020.

Since then... it's lost over 70% of its value.

We are currently experiencing a new fundamental shift in the global economy.

While most people are focused on gold... or oil... or other commodities...

They are ignoring the MAJOR shift happening right now... starting with one stock trading for under $2.

It's just as well known as Disney... or Tesla.

Yet it's been largely ignored by Wall Street.

Even based on pure fundamentals... it could be trading at $50 and STILL be a bargain!

If you missed the huge run-up in stocks over the past few years...

Or you're looking for the safest place to invest in chaotic markets like these...

You Need to See This ASAP


Karim Rahemtulla Signature

Karim Rahemtulla, Head Fundamental Tactician
Monument Traders Alliance

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