Trump's Revenge | June 22

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And humiliated.
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President Trump's enemies seemed intent on forcing him from the White House in shame.

But there's a little-known way Trump could – one day – have his revenge.

Not by silencing his opponents, or censoring opinions he disagrees with…

But via a decision he oversaw in the final year of his Presidency that could change America forever.

It's a decision that could unleash an estimated $15.1 trillion in new wealth – and create countless ways for everyday Americans to benefit.

And wouldn't that be the best form of revenge?

Not with grandstanding or empty politics…

But through a wealth-creating-boom that cements Trump's place in history as one of our most influential leaders.

What is this little understood decision?

And how will it impact you?

All the important facts are here. (US only)


Doug Hill
Publisher, Three Founders Publishing
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