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Midnight Deadline for Zacks Buy Alert

Zacks Member,

I want to make sure you're aware that today may well be the buying opportunity of a lifetime.

Stocks are way undervalued and yet, despite inflation, the economy is holding strong.

Household income continues to ride high. The just-released May jobs report topped estimates with 390,000 new jobs created. Corporate earnings are strong. Consumer demand is on the upswing.

Remember what happened after the Great Recession hit bottom back in March, 2009? In less than 12 years the S&P 500 boomed +600%. Did you take proper advantage?

Right now there's a much stronger economy. Just imagine how high selected stocks will fly.

In my view, missing today's market moment would be a dire financial mistake.

So what should you do right now?

Until midnight tonight, you're entitled to a deep and exclusive savings for lifetime access to Zacks' best long-term picks from our private portfolios.

Last year alone, these private long-term investing services closed 68 double and triple-digit wins. There have already been 21 more in 2022. Gains have reached as high as +188.3%, +348.7% and even +995.2%

Click to see their latest real-time buys and insights »

Here's a quick summary of what you get with this unique Zacks Investor Collection arrangement:

Permanent access to real-time buys, sells, and market alerts from all our long-term portfolios including Stocks Under $10, Home Run Investor, Value Investor, ETF Investor, Income Investor, and Zacks Top 10 Stocks for the Year.
Permanent access to Zacks Premium with powerful research, tools and analysis, including the Zacks #1 Rank List, Equity Research Reports, Zacks Earnings ESP Filter, Premium Screener and more.
Permanent access to Zacks Confidential where each week I personally spotlight the trades and commentary from one of our hottest strategists.
Money-Back Performance and Satisfaction Guarantees. So you're not risking a cent.
PLUS 2 Time-Sensitive Special Reports: 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days and 5 Stocks Set to Double (you get all new quarterly editions).

Again, I urge you not to miss the best long-term stocks Zacks has to offer at a time when many are spectacularly low priced.

The deadline to take advantage is midnight tonight – Thursday, June 09.

All the Best,

Kevin Matras - signature
Kevin Matras, EVP

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