Warning: Medicare About to Collapse?

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Warning: Medicare About to Collapse?

The following message comes from our friends at Dr. Micozzi's Insiders' Cures. They're supporting the Manward mission, so we hope you support them.

Alex Moschina, Associate Publisher

From the Desk of Dr. Marc Micozzi, MD

Dear Medicare Beneficiary,

Imagine this happening to you...

Your doctor asks you to sit down.

"I'm sorry," he says. "You have cancer."

"There is a drug that can treat it. It will cost you $10,000 a month."

"But I have Medicare!" you say, shocked.

"No," he says. "Not anymore."

If you're of Medicare eligibility age...

I want you to see an urgent warning about a potential Medicare collapse in 2022 issued by a government insider.

>>Please click here to watch the announcement now<<


Dr. Marc Micozzi, MD


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