What Are You Doing on September 9?

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Manward Financial Digest

What Are You Doing on September 9?

By Andy Snyder, Founder

I want to send you a personal invitation to Manward's only in-person event this year.

I think you're really going to like it.

On September 9-10, we're headed to Joel Salatin's famed Polyface Farm for an event like no other.

images of a farm

Yeah, we'll talk about money and how to make more of it. But it's going to be a whole lot bigger than that...

  • We'll talk about what's going on in the world today... and how you can avoid the pain.
  • We'll talk about how our liberties are changing... and what you can do about it.
  • And we'll talk about what it will take to survive what's ahead.

We've even got some treats to give away.

It's going to be a fun, yet incredibly important invite.

I would love for you to attend.

We've got a few spots left.

All the details are here.

Should I hold a spot for you?

Take a look and fill out the RSVP form.

Be well,


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