Cold War Loophole to Light a Fire Under Lithium Mining

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US Government falls into a mad scramble for lithium. This could make Nevada the most valuable state in the USA.                              

URGENT: Biden Uses Cold War Law to Turbocharge Lithium Sector

The US govt. is finally getting serious about America's feeble lithium production. Pres. Biden just announced he'll use a Cold War law to pump federal money into the mining of lithium and other rare metals. The stimulus will be used to construct new mines and raise production from existing ones.

For investors this can't come soon enough. America still relies heavily on China for the lithium used in electric vehicles and clean-energy batteries. Domestic rare metals miners have repeatedly asked Biden for as much as $10 billion in funding. At last, it looks like they may have their way...

Investors – See This BEFORE Biden's Lithium Stimulus is Deployed




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