Don’t be a lightning rod in these markets

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A good way to get dead

Standing in the river waving a stick.

The weather can change real fast in the Colorado high country.

It can be sunny and hot all day, then an outrageous storm comes rolling in around 4:00.

The temperature dropped from 90 to 73 in a matter of minutes yesterday. Crazy.

Thunder so loud you can almost feel it.

Rain coming down nice and easy… rarely does it rain hard up here… and there's almost always a rainbow somewhere.

The lightning here is no joke.

When it cracks and strikes, you realize how close to the sky you are in the high country.

It can split a tree in half easy.

And standing in a river waving a stick when there's lighting overhead is a good way to get dead.

The great author John Gierach said that.

He was referring to how standing in a river waving a 9-foot carbon fly rod was a bad idea when there was lightning about.

If you got struck by lightning, you'd be dead.

Standing in the river waving a 9-foot fly rod would be a good way to get struck by lightning.

Not smart.

Easily avoidable.

Same thing in the stock market.

We are in a bear market, folks.

To avoid getting struck by lightning in this market, don't go long a stock when the broad market is going down.

A bear market, like lightning, can split your stock value in half, easy.

You can look at a six-month chart of SPY and see the bear trend.


Most traders watch their accounts get killed in a market like this.

And most don't know that it's possible to make any money in a bear market.

But you can. And you can sometimes do it fast because stocks fall much faster than they go up.

Here's a tip…

Two good strategies for a bear market are shorting stocks that are trending down and buying puts on stocks trending down.

My students in Grizzly Trends got to learn how to do that firsthand. Hope you didn't miss out.

Stay tuned and trade well,


P.S.: I'll be on a special session of Ask the Pros today at 11:15 AM. If you miss it, you'll want to read this page to learn all about how I'm setting up hedge funds at home.


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