Is Biden Going To Crash the Markets? [Unprecedented Disaster Unfolding]

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Is Biden Going To Crash the Markets? [Unprecedented Disaster Unfolding]

The following message comes from our friends at Eagle Financial Publications. They're supporting the Manward mission, so we hope you support them.

Dear Reader,

It's not looking good for old "Sleepy Joe."

Under President Biden's watch, prices are exploding on just about everything.

Used car prices ballooned 45% in a year.

Gas prices were $2.38 the day Biden was inaugurated. A little over a year later, they averaged $4.25... an increase of 78%!

Rent is up 50% in places like Miami.

But according to Ph.D. Economist Mark Skousen, the worst is still ahead.

He says the next two years will be very difficult, and could ruin unprepared investors.

In fact, Dr. Skousen reports, the Biden Disaster will unfold in three stages... and certain stocks will implode.

Will there be a major market crash?

Dr. Skousen breaks it down in an exclusive interview right here.

He also goes through three investments that could 10X your money, thanks to Biden's disaster.

Get the details on these three 10X opportunities here.


Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

P.S. As a sneak-preview... one of the 10X opportunities just set 17 financial records.

Get the details on it right here.

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