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Hey, Great Ones!

It’s Joe here, dropping in to say that today’s meme-filled romp through the market mayhem is, well, a little bit less meme-filled than usual. Great Stuff is out of pocket today because of … reasons.

But will that stop us from delivering some Great Stuff direct to your inbox? No, siree!

Last week, you should’ve seen your exclusive invite to join Andrew Keene in his live Trade Room. Consider it an added perk of being a Great One — and the best way we’ve found to power through the bear market.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry — read Andrew’s email below and you’ll be caught up in a jiffy!

— Joe

Turn Your Images On

It’s go time.

TRADE KINGS is now live. The presentation is here.

It’s all 100% real.

You’ll discover how I climbed out of a $500,000 hole in 2006…

Went on to capture millions of dollars in profit in the 2007 and 2008 bear market…

And how I’m delivering a positive return for readers once again in 2022.

I’ve been dying to show you this for months. Now it’s ready.

Click here to be the first to see TRADE KINGS in action.


Andrew Keene
Editor, Trade Kings

P.S. Fair warning, I’m only taking 1,000 new members to start. Banyan’s email list is huge. They’ll get a chance at this shortly. So make sure you watch this now and take advantage of it right away.

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