Preview: Zacks’ 4 Top Stocks for Q3

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Zacks Member,

You can be among the early birds to see Zacks' Ultimate Four stocks for Q3, and take action as soon as the market reopens. Our experts have combed through the many excellent stocks recommended in Zacks' various portfolio services and strategies. Plus hundreds more.

From these, they've hand-picked 4 to have the most outstanding upside of all for Q3 2022.

Click the button below and you can preview the just-released Special Report that names and explains today's Ultimate Four stocks.

Your total cost for this time-sensitive information (and more)? Only $1.

And you aren't committed to spend another cent.

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Remember, these aren't just 4 promising stocks. They're picked for explosive growth potential this quarter.

It stands to reason that the earlier you get in on them, the greater your chance for maximum profit.

And what a great time to start taking advantage!

Despite inflation, pent-up demand continues to unleash. Household income and corporate earnings are high. Hundreds of thousands of new jobs per month are there for those who want them. Selected stocks are primed to take off, and these 4 could lead the way.

Stock #1: Looking for a powerhouse in energy, the market's best-performing sector? This one is a rare combo of growth and value. Recently, earnings soared +128.4% in just 90 days! They're closing a major acquisition in Q3, so don't wait.

Stock #2: Our agribusiness pick is already riding surging food prices. With war causing food shortages, it earned billions more in net sales last quarter. And that looks to be only the beginning for this consistent EPS estimate beater.

Stock #3: Out of 63 shipping stocks, this small-cap looks to be the hottest play on Europe moving away from Russian natural gas. Its low valuation and soaring earnings estimates are compelling for investors.

Stock #4: This automotive supplier could soar on the trend of fixing up cars instead of buying new ones. Improving margins and record sales growth are reasons to snap up shares right now.

Plus, in addition to our Ultimate Four stocks for $1, you'll get full 30-day access to ALL Zacks private buys & sells for that same dollar.

Why only $1 for this Zacks Ultimate arrangement? Simply, we'd like you to sample our real-time moves, from ready-to-fly stocks under $10 to professional options trades, from insider buys to long-term value stocks, from home run investments to income recommendations. These services recently closed gains of +197.7%, +348.7%, and even +995.2%

Don't miss the deadline to download the Ultimate Four stocks for Q3, plus see all our private picks. It's Monday, July 4.

All the Best,

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Kevin Matras, EVP

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