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November 9, 1967

Do you remember this date? And how it changed America forever?

Few know this, but that date also inspired the development of possibly Cthe world's most powerful crypto price predictor.

Yes, 41 years before Bitcoin was invented, this American milestone foreshadowed Cthe most lucrative phenomenon in the crypto markets...

A phenomenon that's appeared in front of top runs of 2,023% in six weeks... 6,684% in just over nine months... and even a rare 27,865% in two days...

And now it's showing up again in three obscure (and dirt cheap) coins...

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The Value Meter

In this week's Value Meter, Contributing Analyst Jody Chudley judged the valuation of a leading IT distribution company.

Small cap stocks like this one have had a rough 2022. In fact, the small cap benchmark index, the Russell 2000 Index, had its worst-ever first half of a calendar year.

This stock's price is down 20%. But there's good news...

So much good news that Jody calls this stock a "table-pounding bargain"...

Join Jody in this week's Value Meter.

Dividend Safety Grade

In this week's Safety Net, Marc checked on the dividend safety of a 13.9%-yielding business development company (BDC).

That double-digit yield is certainly a head-turner, but as it stands, the company's figures for dividends paid are looking unstable.

And given this BDC pays a variable dividend, there's no promise the yield will stay so high in the coming year.

Get Marc's perspective in this week's Safety Net.

"Thank you for your great thoughts on dividend investing and for helping me keep my finger on the pulse of markets."Wealthy Retirement Reader Keith W.

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The Perfect $1 Crypto Play Right Now

Forget Bitcoin. That's right – forget it. Because this proven market indicator just uncovered a $1 play that's consistently beaten Bitcoin's gains... by as much as FOUR TIMES OVER.

It's faster. It's cheaper. It's more energy-efficient. (That's huge!) And its unique technology has attracted fans at Microsoft, Bosch, Fujitsu and a dozen other multinational corporations.

And yet... we bet not 1 in 1,000 Main Street investors could name this $1 crypto.

Image of a businessman grasping U.S. money


On Monday, Marc listed a few ways investors can squeeze out some short-term income as the Fed struggles with rising inflation. Gone are the days of earning decent yields on your savings or money market accounts. You have to work harder than ever for a good yield... Find Marc's tips here.

Image of a thinking woman


Halfway through the week, Jody shared a massive buying opportunity he sees among battered small cap stocks. Jody has helped us book huge gains with small caps before. And the setup on this call is nearly identical to his last big small cap win... Join Jody for more.

Image of an excited investor


On Thursday, Marc argued that investors can use options trading to reduce risk by putting less capital at stake. There's a greater chance of loss with options as compared with stocks, but you're risking less money and have the opportunity to make more profits... Learn about options here.

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