Tipping Point

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Manward Financial Digest

Tipping Point

By Andy Snyder, Founder

Andy Snyder

As gas prices soar, electric vehicles are going mainstream in the USA.

Bloomberg just released a report saying we're at "the start of mass EV adoption."

It concluded that we could see 400% growth in EV sales by 2025.

And I've found the No. 1 stock with the best chance to profit as a result.

It's a brand-new EV company that puts Tesla to shame...

Its car is faster than super-cars like Ferrari's F8, McLaren's 720S and Porsche's 911 Turbo.

Yet it's 100% electric.

And while it's a marvel of American engineering...

The CEO wants it to be an everyman's car... and plans to ship out 1 million per year.

It could create a sales surge unlike anything we've seen before.

Revenues are forecast to jump from $97 million to $23 BILLION in under five years... an incredible 23,000% jump.

And with its new major production facility, this company could be on the verge of a HUGE run.

This, my friend, could be your shot at the next Tesla.

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