Tonight’s Deadline: 5 Stocks Set to Double

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Invitation to Access Expires at Midnight

Zacks Member,

Haven't heard from you about my previous email so I'm following up with an important message . . .

Today you can still beat the deadline to download our Special Report 5 Stocks Set to Double.

Remember, these five were selected from thousands of companies. Each one is the favorite stock of a Zacks expert who gives it the best chance to gain +100% and more in the months ahead.

Previous editions of this report have racked up some huge gains. Examples include Boston Beer Co. which soared +143.0%, NVIDIA blasted +175.9%, Weight Watchers climbed +498.3%, and Tesla surged +673%

Before word spreads too far, tomorrow morning looks like a very good time to buy these companies:

Stock #1: A World-Changing Investment

As a leading genome-editing company, it has recently found a bottom much like the Biotech sector. However, they have several world-changing projects in the pipeline, one of which led several bullish analysts to call for buying more shares.

Stock #2: Strong Buy With Recurring Revenue Stream

Trusted by a community of 260+ million customers it's not difficult to see why this global software as a service stock is set to double. It has delivered a trailing four-quarter average earnings surprise of 64.38% and is buoyed by a leading industry group.

Stock #3: Top Dog on a Buying Spree

With two blockbuster deals complete, this company's expanding product portfolio allows it to package a slew of offerings to its growing list of clients in the enterprise and business software world. It should be no surprise that Wall Street is very high on the stock, with 13 of the 14 brokerage recommendations sitting at "Strong Buys."

Stock #4: A Technology Titan

Loaded with cutting-edge technology and robust growth rates, this industry leader looks poised to reward investors handsomely. Full-year sales for FY23 are forecasted to come in at $34 billion - a massive 26% jump year-over-year.

Stock #5: Strong Earnings Growth Paying a Healthy Dividend

The underlying commodities driving this energy giant's business are skyrocketing. With huge earnings growth coming down the pipe, incredibly strong cash flow, and a transition plan to greener energy, the dividend paying stock gives investors plenty of reasons to snap up shares.

For only $1, you'll not only receive 5 Stocks Set to Double, but you'll also have full 30-day access to all Zacks' long-term buys and sells through our exclusive program, Zacks Investor Collection. You may cancel at any time and there's no obligation to spend another cent.

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Why only $1 for Zacks Investor Collection? I just want to encourage you to sample our real-time moves from stocks under $10 to home run investments to income recommendations. Plus, Zacks Premium research and tools to find and evaluate your own stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.

This opportunity will end soon. Be sure to download the report before midnight tonight, July 31.

All the Best,

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Sheraz Mian
Director of Research

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