An "Instant Income" Payday Every Friday?

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Fellow Reader,

Take a look at the image below … 

That's me showing investors like you a unique approach to investing that generates what I call Weekend Windfalls.

It works by … 

  • Targeting extra income of about $1,000 per week … 
  • With a 98% win rate on trades … 
  • While potentially beating stock dividend yields 20-fold.

And you rarely have to touch a single stock.

The most profitable Wall Street institutions have been effectively hiding this proven strategy from investors for years.

Because they want to keep big gains like these to themselves … 

  • $1,020 from Citigroup
  • $1,056 from Home Depot
  • $1,000 from the iShares Treasury Bond ETF

But today, I reveal everything.

So investors can have an opportunity to boost their personal portfolios with thousands of dollars as often as every Friday.

Click below and watch as I explain everything on camera.



Mike Larson
Mike Larson
Senior Analyst
Weiss Ratings

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