🎥 A Crash Course in Chart Patterns

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A Crash Course in Chart Patterns

Rachel Gearhart, Associate Publisher, The Oxford Club

State of the Market video

In today's volatile market, should investors pay closer attention to fundamentals or technicals?

As Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld explains in this week's State of the Market, there's a place for both strategies in today's rocky market.

That said, the study of fundamentals - or a company's financials - feels a bit more accessible to the average investor.

After all, a company's earnings report is available on the investor relations section of its website right after earnings are announced. And most major financial news outlets will provide a snapshot of a company's fundamentals.

Technical analysis - or the study of a stock's price action using chart patterns - on the other hand, can feel a bit more advanced.

But it doesn't have to...

In this week's video, Marc gives us a crash course in chart patterns.

While fundamentals will help you determine whether you should invest in a company, technicals can help you determine when to buy or sell a company.

Check out this week's video to learn some chart pattern basics.


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