Downgrade a stock to go LONG??

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Have you ever noticed after a stock has been down for 30 days…

60 days… Shoot even 90 days…

The big banks then come out to publicly downgrade it?

Interesting right?

After being down for months… NOW they decide to downgrade it??

NOW they say it's a good time to drop the stock?

If you're thinking "sounds fishy" - then you're like Jeff Zananiri… And correct.

So Jeff started digging…

And what he found was shocking.


What if Wall Street downgrades a stock… to go LONG on it?

What if Wall Street upgrades a stock… to SHORT it?

We think you'll find what Jeff's uncovered to be extremely interesting


And not just interesting…

But could be extremely valuable for a small group of traders who know this ONE secret.


Trade well,



Superior Information 300 Center Drive #G140 Superior, Colorado 80027 United States

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