Is This the Best Biotech Investment in America? | 03.08

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His prediction doesn't seem so unlikely anymore. 

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Hello Fellow Investor!

Back in December, an ex-Wall Street CEO made a bold prediction about the biotech sector…

He stated that "M & A activity will start accelerating soon."

It seemed unlikely at the time…

But the next day, Pfizer bought Arena Pharmaceuticals…and shares jumped up 83% in a single day.

Then, just 9 days later, Novartis bought Gyroscope Therapeutics in a $1.6 billion deal.

His prediction doesn't seem so unlikely anymore.

Click here to find out which biotech firm I predict will get taken over next…and how it could unlock huge profits for forward-thinking investors.

"The Buck Stops Here"
Dylan Jovine
CEO and Founder
Behind the Markets

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