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They Call It the "Ultimate Prize"

black futuristic electric car

One $4 stock just made a rare and unusual $280 million investment - one that could lead it to the "holy grail" of the tech world.

Analysts say this is the "Ultimate Prize." What is this stock doing exactly? See the amazing story here.

Editor's Note: Think you've seen all the investing world has to offer? Andy Snyder, our good friend and founder of Manward Press, bets not 1 in 50,000 investors knows this exists.

Some of the people who've heard about it are already banking mind-blowing top returns: 27,049% in just 19 days... 184,720% in just 10 months... and 235,614% in just 60 days!

To help spread knowledge about this new type of investment, Andy has just released a special video breaking it down for readers.

Click here to check it out.

- Kyle Wehrle, Assistant Managing Editor

The Value Meter

This company is one of the hottest footwear producers in the industry, with some of the most flamboyant and recognizable shoes in the world.

Its main shoe brand saw sales for the second quarter increase 19% year over year. And it's vastly outperforming competitors in terms of gross profit margin...

Chart: This company is outperforming competitors

But as Contributing Analyst Jody Chudley brought up in last week's Value Meter, much of this outperformance has been fueled by taking on excessive debt...

So is the stock a buy?

Reveal the stock.

Dividend Safety Grade

In last week's Safety Net, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld analyzed the dividend safety of a 9.7%-yielding oil and gas producer.

Despite a big cut to its dividend in 2016, from $0.24 per share quarterly to $0.06, the company is now paying out a juicy $1.55 per share quarterly.

Chart: This company's quarterly dividend has rebounded

But how sustainable are these massive dividend increases?

Find out from Marc in last week's Safety Net.

"I appreciate your brief, digestible articles, your stock and bond picks, and your breadth of topics." - Wealthy Retirement Reader Cecil

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Will America Become Unrecognizable Within 2 Years?

Green and O'Reilly

The same expert who predicted the dot-com bubble, the 2008 crisis, the 10-year bull market and the exact bottom of the coronavirus crash...

Now says that the America you know and see before you is going to change DRAMATICALLY over the next two years.

See what's about to happen... and plan accordingly.

Image of an umbrella deflecting an arrow upward


Early last week, Marc wrote about how market behavior is a tried-and-true barometer for where the U.S. economy is headed six to 12 months into the future. Market moves often "predict" news events, like they did in 1932 and 2009... Click here to read more.

Image of startup concept


Last Thursday, Manward Press founder Andy Snyder touched on a brand-new market with massive wealth-building potential. Learn how you can now invest directly in technology - not simply the associated companies and their stocks and bonds... Join Andy for more.

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Tesla Engineer Quits... and Builds This Gigantic Factory in the Desert.

Factory in Dessert

Find Out Here Why His Former Boss Must Be SERIOUSLY Upset.

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