RIP iPhones (2007 – 202X)...

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- Ryan Fitzwater, Associate Publisher

Leaked at Apple's "Secret" Meeting...

Dear Reader,

A thousand people attended Apple's secret meeting...

NO CAMERAS were allowed!

One invitee said iPhones were wrapped with "tamper-proof stickers" to prevent photographs.

No cameras

At the event, Apple unveiled a device that "could eventually replace mobile phones."

Apple codenamed the device "N421"...

But I call it "iPhone Killer".

Given a market size between $750 billion and $1.3 trillion...

Insiders have started placing their bets.

To see how you could potentially profit from iPhone Killer, click here.

For an important "iPhone Killer" date announcement, see below.

Ahead of the tape,

Lou Basenese Signature

Lou Basenese Founder, Trend Trader Daily

No cameras


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